Graphical Descriptions on Motherhood Series by Fenglin Chen

Graphical Descriptions on Motherhood Series

Fenglin Chen, chief physician, the president of Beijing Antai Hospital, the well-known expert of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Master of Medicine of China Medical University, the specially invited editor for the Journal of Chinese Practical Gynecology and Obstetrics, obtained the invention patents of barrenness and recurrent spontaneous abortion in USA, EU and China. Fenglin Chen was served as the chief editor of the series book of motherhood, personally wrote about 1,500,000 words for this series book. In delivery volume, it introduces the delivery in water, hypnotization for delivery, preparation of birth canal and other unique techniques of Antai Hospital. In the other volumes, it introduces the nutrition during pregnancy and fetus development, frequent questions during pregnancy and resolutions, neonatal intellectual development and nutrition arrangement, and other practical maternal and parental knowledge. This book has been a well-known science popularizing material about motherhood, to popularize the knowledge for the natural delivery and scientifically bringing up children in China.

Pregnancy and Childbirth All-knowing book number: ISBN 978-7-5384-5324/68; this book was published and issued by Jilin Science and Technology Publishing House in June, 2011. It is a large scale series book to popularize the science of motherhood, including six volumes of pregnancy and delivery, nutrition during pregnancy, maternal healthcare, parental knowledge and neonatal intellectual development, each volume has about 330,000 words, so there are 2,000,000 words in all. The impression is 1-200,000 copies.

Pregnancy and Childbirth All-knowing is to provide the most timely guidance to the mothers-to-be, making them understand the whole process of pregnancy, answering the problems encountered in pregnancy. It is the preferred guidance for all mothers-to-be to scientifically fertilize and smoothly delivery a healthy baby.


Nutrition during Pregnancy All-knowing is to introduce many physical and psychological changes facing in the nearly 10 months of pregnancy, and the relevant problems before pregnancy and postpartum. It is to provide the relevant knowledge about the maintenance of health of mother and baby. Pregnant women shall pay attention to the health and hygiene of diet, a reasonable diet can not only enhance the body health of the fetus, also play a major role in the intelligence and appearance of the fetus. Meanwhile, the healthy diets for pregnant women are also helpful to smoothly delivery and reduce the chance of suffering from the pregnant diseases.



Maternal Healthcare all-knowing is to explain the preparation knowledge before pregnancy, the healthcare knowledge during pregnancy, the post-natal care knowledge, etc. It includes the following items: the absolutely necessary good environment for conception, the patient of which diseases shall not be pregnancy, infertility after how long married life shall go to hospital for examination, which factors can affect female infertility, etc.



Parental Knowledge all-knowing includes the neonatal care, growth and development, neonatal characteristics and other relevant knowledge, such as the characteristics of the newborn’s breathing, heart rate, body temperature, hearing, touch, etc.

Neonatal Intellectual Development All-knowing is to explain the physical and physiological changes of the baby in different periods (from 8 months to 3 years old), and the precautions for infant growth. It is to provide the reference to prospective parents by pictures and tables.


Complementary Feeding to Infants and Young Children All-knowing is to explain the special nutrients needed by the infant and young children to help new parents preparing the nutrition diet for the babies. For example: the benefits and methods of breastfeeding, the nutritional needs of babies in different periods and precautions, etc.


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